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about us

Since 2009, BRGR Kitchen + Bar has gathered friends and families to celebrate great food and great times. BRGR is Kansas City's most popular burger joint and for a good reason as the leader providing guests delicious & unique burgers from quality ingredients. BRGR features fun & delicious craft cocktails, beer selections, and home-made shakes with and without alcohol. BRGR needs to be expanded beyond our horizon by passionate franchisee's and developers. We have a culture of "all boats rise," and believe self-ownership is the best method of growth to expand this terrific brand. We offer the services of experts to provide franchisees assistance with all aspects of BRGR Kitchen + Bar including: BRGR training, recipes, supplier contracts, marketing materials and social media, real estate and development, etc.

Why Brgr Kitchen + Bar?

1) Proven Concept!

  1. Founded in 2009 BRGR Kitchen + Bar has a track record of proven success.
  2. BRGR has an AUV only dreamed about by competitors at $3.23MM (2019) per location!
  3. BRGR is well-positioned for the future, including the development of our own digital APP and loyalty reward system for the convenience of Carryout guests!

2) Straightforward and Scalable Menu:

America’s number one food category, BURGERS!

3) Best in Class Product Ingredients and Standards:

BRGR sells upper choice Angus cattle from midwestern ranchers who know cattle as well as anyone. No one outclasses our burger.

Cattle Grazing

4) Quality Beverage Program:

There’s nothing better with a burger than an ice-cold beer! BRGR features local, national and international beers and lagers and a seasonal craft cocktail and wine menus. Don’t forget BRGR’s ice cream shakes including those served with alcohol!

Our Beverages

5) Hands-on, over-the-top Support:

BRGR Franchisee's benefit from the experience of a veteran restaurant team designed for support including food and beverage, marketing, vendor procurement, equipment and construction, and much, much more. We treat our Franchise Partners with respect and will support your specific needs!

6) Carryout and Popular App:

Conveniently ordered via Iphone App and tracks guests loyalty points!

7) Real Estate:

Franchisee's who are inclined have the opportunity to create additional value through the purchase of real estate.

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Thank you for your interest in a franchising opportunity with BRGR kitchen.

Thank you for your interest in a franchising opportunity with BRGR Kitchen.


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